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Business Services

Small Business Digital Services

With Washington Accounting Services our keyword for support of our clients is Service. Our services don’t just stop at Accounting, Payroll, or when you leave our office. We are committed to a strict belief that businesses find themselves in need of other services to help them reach their full potential.
We don’t want just clients who get by, we want you and your business to reach its full potential to be a success! That’s why Washington Accounting Services is proud to offer a line of modern Business Services as our investment into you and your business. Allowing you to focus on your business, and us to focus other needs like Marketing, Digital/Web design and digital property management.

Device Services

Old and slow computers making work speeds horrible? Not sure what brands are reliable anymore? Let us help you find the perfect fit or we can fix and upgrade what you have.
Personal Servers, New Printers/Scanners and more. There’s always something that can make a world of difference at minimal costs. We’ll find the best fit for not just your office needs but budget as well.
Allow us to manage your machines upkeep and management. Allow us to manage your workstations maintenance schedules running scans and keeping you and your office safe and fast.
Being connected on the go as a business owner is vital. Allow us to talk you through your Need/wants and find you the perfect mobile workstation as well as setting up a work profile on your phone assuring security and protection for you and your clients.
UberEats, Google Shopping and more. Buying isn’t just a physical experience anymore, are you ready to take you shop digital? We are happy to help.

Let us help protect you and your hardware

The devices in our personal lives are important to us, but the machines we use for work should be elevated even higher, especially for a small business. Like a car, a workstation needs routine maintenance, upgrades and care to be kept at peak efficiency. Ensuring that you and your business are safe in case of any dangers or accidents that are encountered. With our Device services you’ll have a piece of mind that you and your machine are safe and sound no matter what happens.

Digital Services

Looking to start a new venture of need to renew your current website domain? We can find you the best deals to get you that website you’ve always dreamed of.
We’re proud to offer custom website design services with pages for booking, consultation and much more.
Need a new logo or handout made? We’ve got you covered, from print to digital we can make your next marketing campaign pop.
Move over Microsoft, learn the basics of the G-Suite, Googles inexpensive Office Suite that can manage your words, numbers, presentations a more. Train new staff members or have a class for the whole office! It's important that you and your staff know how to use what you have and not be taken advantage of when it comes to cloud storage and extra programs.
Give your clients a personalized portal to follow your services and contracts. Easily included in the Wordpress website developed for you.

Let us help make your Digital services fresh!

In today's digital world our Digital Properties are as vital as physical real estate. Is your website current and up the todays harsh standards of being judged on its landing page. Is your company email safe and up to date? Are you using the best Office Suite for the money you have? What about cloud storage? What is it? Should you have some? These questions can plague a small business owner and easily be forgotten if not understood. Allow us to worry and organize your Digital Properties.

Small Enterprise Services

Allow us to help you make the biggest name for the smallest price, from Google, Bing and Yahoo lets get you noticed. It's important to have the basic listings and digital footprint to manage successful modern business. Is your digital footprint noticeable by customers?
Posting on social media shouldn’t be a full time job, or even a part time one. Allow us to make a monthly calendar for your business and post for you! Automatic posting and response to leads and customer questions can be taken care of by our staff then referred to you.
Allow us to take the work from making your idea into your new business. EIN/UBI's and more, we have years of experience filing with the State and Federal government in establishing LLC's/LLLP's and allowing you to focus on business and not paperwork.
We are constantly acquiring new and exciting programs that will allow us to better server you and your business, if you don't see something ask and we'll be sure to make it a special project!

Let us help make your business stand out!

In today's digital age our profiles and availability on Facebook, Linkedin, Yelp and more are just as vital and important to a small business as a website. But managing all these properties can be a hassle and very time consuming. Don’t hire a new employee to manage these, allow us to take care of your monthly posting schedule and more. We can help plan new marketing and advertising plans and more!

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